Pet Insurance

While at Vet 2 Pet we do not sell or promote any particular insurance company we do realise how easily the right policy could save the life of your pet and pare you and your family from heartache.


Is pet insurance right for my furry family?

We cannot answer this question for you however we do believe it is worth some thought. Ask yourself how you would you manage if your pet was bitten by a snake or hit by a car.  While these are worst are scenarios they do happen and it is worth spending a little time thinking about what you would do.  Hospitalisation and treatment in a specialist centre can easily amount to thousands of dollars.  Pet insurance may be something worth considering just as health insurance is something you have probably though about for yourself.


If you are looking for a policy some things we consider important to consider are:

Accident vs Accident and Illness policies – in our opinion it is best to have both. Many major issues in pets are note defined as an ‘accident’.  Look for a policy that also covers illness.

Policy limits –What you need is likely to depend on your financial situation. Some things to consider are that injuries sustained by a car accident could easily wind up with your pet in intensive care at a specialist centre.  Avoid policies that only cover a few thousand dollars off care a year as in many circumstances this is not enough.  While these cheaper policies are appealing they may still leave you in a precarious situation should your pet be involved in a motor vehicle accident, eat something particularly toxic or be bitten by a snake.

Waiting periods – Generally there is something like a one month waiting period on illness claims.  This means you need to get your policy early, before your pet becomes sick or you may find that some things are excluded.  The perfect time to get pet insurance is generally when you get your new puppy or kitten, before any health issues have occurred.

Do your homework! A little research now may mean everything in the long run.  Yes, unfortunately this means actually reading the policy disclosure statements from a few companies so set aside some quiet time.

When is the best time to get pet insurance?  When you first get your dog or puppy- before it has a history of any prior problems and before something bad happens!


Where to find more information.

Below is a list of links to some of the companies our clients have chosen in the past. These links are by no means exhaustive and are only intended to provide somewhere to start. For more companies just try entering ‘pet insurance Australia’ into Google. We don’t recommend or have an affiliation with any individual company and there are certainly more out there so have a look around and ask your home and health insurance providers as they may offer bundled plans that often work out good value for money.