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Home Euthanasia

While saying good by to your pet is never easy we feel the ability to do this at home if far less stressful. Home euthanasia allows your pet to simply drift away in the comfort of their own home. We are proud to offer this service and take pride in our ability to make this time as peaceful and personal as possible.
Afterwards we can offer advice on home burial, or arrange for burial or cremation.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have, its what were here for.
While many people choose to bury their pets at home this is not always an option.  We are able to arange burial and transport for you.  Pets are buried in Lethbridge and the area overplanted with native trees. 
Cremation can be aranged with your pets ashes returned in your choice of receptacle. Cremations are performed individually at a purpose built pet crematorium in Lethbridge.  Scatter tins and handcrafted wooden boxes are most commonly chosen however there is a large range available.   The full range can be viewed at the Pets Cemation Service webpage. Some of the options available are shown below.