Chermaine Lim

Veterinarian (DVM)

Graduating veterinary medicine in 2018, Chermaine has always had a special interest in animal behaviour, care for the less fortunate pets and rescue work. Her quiet and compassionate demeanour makes her perfect for the extra timid and scared animals. Chermaine also has a love for the smaller pocket pets and her feline friends, having a collection of her own at home.

Ayla Hunt

Veterinarian ( B.V.Sc/B.VetBio/B.AppSc)

Dr. Ayla started with us early 2023.
She graduated in 2011 from CSU Veterinary school in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
Since graduating she has predominantly worked on the east coast in QLD in both regional and suburban clinics, even dabbling in full time equine work for a few years during this time.
Born and brought up in a small town in the Northern Territory, this is where her love and appreciation for animals started.
Since graduating Dr. Ayla has found special interests in a number of areas of veterinary practises including ophthalmology & pain management. However, her biggest goal is to provide a great rapport with client and pets through thorough and ongoing communication of management and care.
When not at work, Dr. Ayla’s hands are very full. Also a mother of a young cheeky daughter and two polar opposite miniature Dachshunds.
Dr. Ayla continues to be amazed & in awe everyday of the strength, compassion & resilience animals show us constantly.

Dr David Hughes

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

David is our Director. David worked in the Eastern States and overseas before returning to Perth with his family and joining Swan Veterinary Hospital. David is interested in all aspects of small animal medicine, with a particular passion for cardiothoracic cases and ultrasonography.  His favourite thing outside of work is spending time with his kids.

Dr Lucie Hartley

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)

Lucie worked with street dogs in India before settling in Australia. She also spent time working in a mixed animal practice before joining us at Swan Veterinary Hospital. She is particularly passionate about surgeries and greyhounds. She shares her home with a beautiful blue greyhound called Indi. When she is not working, Lucie enjoys camping, canoeing, four-wheel driving, fishing, and boating.

Dr Mari Roberts

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc/B.V.M.S)

As well as general consultation, Mari is interested in all sorts of surgery, with a special talent for performing orthopaedic surgeries.  Mari is highly dedicated to animal welfare. Mari has many dogs and cats who are like children to her. She shares her home with a number of rescued cats and dogs.

Dr Nikita Grant

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Nikita joined us at Swan Veterinary Hospital upon graduating and has been with us ever since. She is originally from South Africa and loves to go back and visit the game reserves. Nikita has a special interest in geriatric medicine and preventative care; including dental disease and weight loss. She also has a big soft spot for bull terriers and kelpies.

Dr Catherine Harvey

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Catherine loves managing skin conditions and complex medical cases and is interested in treating wildlife and small pets.  She enjoys living with cats, sighthounds and fish.  Outside of work she enjoys tango dancing, reading fantasy novels and travel.

Dr Emily Ho

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Emily is passionate for skin and ears problems, soft tissue surgeries, as well as general and geriatric care. She also has a passion for exotic pets including rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits. Outside of work, Emily enjoys discovering new food places in Perth, watching TV shows, playing badminton and exploring nature with her cheeky rottweiler, Kola.

Dr Michaela Sykes

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Michaela has been part of our Swan family since she graduated. She is interested in veterinary imaging and critical care, and she also loves kelpies. When she is not working, Michaela enjoys musical theatre and traveling. She shares her home with a few cats and a couple of adorable pups.

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