An entropion is a condition where the eyelid(s) roll(s) inward against the cornea of the eye. It may include one eye or both eyes. Entropions may be inherited and develop soon after birth, or they may be acquired. Inherited entropions are generally breed-specific due to excessive facial folds, whereas acquired entropions often develop following inflammation, trauma or chronic eye pain. Surgical correction involves rolling the affected eyelid(s) away from the eye(s) and securing them in place with sutures. Simple entropions are often corrected with one surgery, and clinical signs usually resolve quickly. Complicated entropions may require more than one surgery or may be treated with staged surgeries, performed several weeks, or months apart.

Post-Surgery Care:

To ensure a safe recovery after anaesthetic, it is best to keep your pet inside overnight, somewhere warm and quiet. Please offer your pet a smaller meal tonight (about half of the usual amount).

Following corrective surgery, a buster collar will be put on your pet. This must remain on at all times to prevent trauma to the suture line.

We advise you to bring your pet back in 10-14 days to have the surgical site checked and to have the sutures removed if everything is healing well.

A course of antibiotics and pain relief will also be given to be administered at home, as well as topical antibiotics to be applied to the affected eye(s). When using eye drops please be sure to hold your pet's eyelids open so that the medication is placed directly into the eye(s). If you are unsure how to apply it, please ask any of our staff and we will happily demonstrate the correct way. Please administer any medication as per the instructions on the label.

Please be aware that some swelling around the eyes may be expected post-operation, as well as bloody or blood-tinged discharge. You can gently wipe this away with a warm cloth or tissue.

Examine your pet's eyes frequently and ensure there is no evidence of excessive tearing or pain (e.g. squinting).

If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at the clinic on 9274 1845.