An ear resection can help to reduce painful reoccurring ear infections and prevent serious damage to your pet's ear. A unilateral ear resection refers to an operation on one ear, whereas a bilateral ear resection refers to an operation on both ears. During this procedure, one side of the ear canal is removed to create more of an opening and allow better ventilation and drainage. This surgery many not entirely cure or prevent future ear infections, but it will help reduce and control the severity and number of times the ears will get infected. It will also help to decrease the amount of pain associated with ear infections.


Post-Surgery Care:

To ensure a safe recovery after anaesthetic, it is best to keep your pet inside overnight, somewhere warm and quiet. Please only offer them a small amount of food tonight (half of what you would normally give them).

Following corrective surgery, a buster collar will be placed on your pet. This is to help prevent trauma to the surgery site and must remain on at all times.

We advise you to bring your pet back weekly for 2 weeks. This way we can check how the ear(s) are healing and when we should remove the sutures.

Please note that some swelling around the ear(s) may be expected post-operation, as well as bloody or blood-tinged discharge. You can gently wipe this away with a warm cloth or tissue.

A course of antibiotics and pain relief will also be prescribed to be administered at home, as well as topical antibiotics to be applied to the affected ear(s). When using ear drops please be sure to lift and hold the ear flap up, insert the bottle and drop the required amount down the ear canal. Massage the side of your pet's head just below the ear - you should hear a squishing sound. Massage for at least 10 seconds to spread the drops effectively. Wipe away any excess liquid around the outside of the ear(s) with a warm cloth or tissue.

If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at the clinic on 9274 1845.