Aural haematomas usually occur as a result of local irritation to a part of the ear. When something irritates the ear canal, the animal is likely to respond by scratching or shaking their head. Excessive shaking causes blood vessels to break, resulting in bleeding. The blood collects under the skin and causes the ear flap to become thickened. The swelling may involve the entire ear flap or it may involve only a small area.


Post-Surgery Care:

To ensure a safe recovery after anaesthetic it is best to keep your pet inside overnight, somewhere warm and quiet. Please offer a smaller meal than normal tonight, about half of the usual amount.

A light bandage will be applied to the ear to help reduce swelling and bleeding.

You will need to remove the bandage at home after three days. If you notice any discharge or the ear swells up again, please bring your pet in to the clinic.

Your pet will need a course of antibiotics over the next three weeks. As we need to see your pet back once a week for three weeks these will be dispensed at each weekly visit. It is important that these check-ups are performed so that we are able to monitor the healing process.

Anti-inflammatories may also be dispensed, but will be case specific (i.e. patients that are not on any steroids). In other cases, a course of pain relief will be given for the first week after surgery.

You will not need to make an appointment for these check-ups and there will be no additional charges.

Please make sure you keep the buster collar on your pet at all times. This will need to remain on for the entire time until the sutures are ready to come out.

If you notice any swelling or your pet seems uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to give us a call at the clinic on 9274 1845.