Desexing Your Rabbit

De-sexing both male and female pet rabbits is important for 3 big reasons:

  1. To prevent undesired litters and allow for companionship.
  2. To reduce territorial and aggressive behaviour and hormonal moods
  3. To prevent reproductive disease e.g. uterine cancer, cystic ovaries and testicular cancer which are very serious.

Male bunnies can be de-sexed at 3 months old and female bunnies at 6 months old.

Pre-Surgery information

We have a 20-30 minute appointment scheduled on the day of surgery. No fasting is required. Please supply a lunch box with your pet’s favourite food.

When undertaking a surgery, we offer the best care as routine. All our speys and castrations require a pre-anesthetic check for us to make sure that they are fit and healthy.

Anaesthetic Risk
Rabbits and other small pets can be fragile creatures. They can be more prone to stress by handling and unfamiliar situations when compared with dogs and cats. As a result, an anaesthetic for these pets can be a little bit more tricky. We use specialised anaesthetic equipment and protocols to ensure your pet has the safest anaesthetic possible.

If you have any further questions, please contact the clinic on 9744 3611