Cat Nutrition


Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they require nutrients from animal tissue (meat) to provide them with their specific nutritional needs. To survive in the wild, cats will hunt and eat prey (high protein, moderate fat content and minimal carbohydrates). Even an indoor only cat will require protein from meat as the main component of its diet to stay healthy - however they will most probably receive 100% of their food from YOU, the owner!

To provide your cat with its full nutritional needs we need to ensure that the food is rich in protein (from meat), has moderate fat content and small amounts of carbohydrates. The food must also contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids which are essential for healthy metabolism and supplying energy for growth and maintenance. Please do not feed your cat nutritional supplements (unless advised by a vet) as too many vitamins can be harmful!
Another VERY important part of the feline diet is water. Water consumption helps them to regulate their temperature, aids digestion, lubricates their tissues and balances their electrolytes. Please ensure your cat has access to fresh water all day everyday.

So... What do I feed my adult feline?
There are many different foods for cats; including vet prescription diets, kibble (dry food), treats, meats and canned wet food. We advise feeding at least 1 portion of food as kibble to help clean the teeth.
Here are some highly recommended premium cat food brands that we stock - these foods all provide your cat with a complete and balanced diet of all nutrients mentioned above.
- Advance
- Royal Canin
- Hills
How often should I feed my cat?
Cats CAN be picky eaters and often like to "graze" throughout the day. It is OK to supply them with their daily intake in one sitting if they prefer to do this, otherwise feeding half of their intake in the morning and at night is advised. There are also automatic feeders that can be useful, but be careful that they actually dispense the correct amount at the correct time to prevent your kitty over-eating.

Still unsure or have questions? Please feel free to call us on 9744 3611 to book your cat a vet check up - our vets can help you decide the best food choice for your kitty based on its age, health and weight.