You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Learning tricks is a fantastic way to keep your pet stimulated mentally and physically. It can also be an excellent way to bond with your furry companions!

All these tricks are started with a treat. Once your dog has mastered this you may no longer need to use treats as guides, but always reward your dog (even if it’s with pats) for successfully completing a trick.

High Five!

Place your hand palm-up in front of your dog (a comfortable distance from your dog’s chest). Clearly say “High Five” and encourage your dog to place their paw in your hand (some dogs may need to be shown this at first). When your dog places their paw reward them with praise and a tasty treat (look online at for some extra tasty dog treats!).

Bonus: For an extra layer of complexity encourage your dog to do this with their left or right paw. “High Five – right paw!” when your dog gives you their right paw (diagonally opposite) give them a treat. Do the same with their left paw for an extra impressive trick!


Hold a treat in your hand near your dog’s nose while they are standing. Slowly guide your dog

to follow your hand around in a circle shape, clearly say “Spin” while they spin around. Reward your dog once they complete the circle, give them the treat and verbal praise. Note: Always spin your dog in the same direction until they have mastered this trick, spinning in two directions is the same as learning two different tricks!

Roll Over!

First ask your dog to lie down in the “down” position. Then, put a treat in your hand and let your dog smell and nibble on the treat. Slowly move your hand to the left and up behind your dog's neck (Your goal is to get your dog to turn his or her head backwards and follow your hand without standing up). As your dog’s head reaches back to sniff the treat, they will gently roll over. Say ‘’Roll over’’ as they are rolling. You can help guide them to roll over the first few times if needed. Once the roll is complete, reward your dog with lots of pats and the treat.


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