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Did you know that cats and dogs get more than one birthday a year?

Dogs and cats age much faster than humans, this means by the time a dog or cat is seven (human years) of age they are already a senior pet. We all wish that pets could live a little longer, and we are...
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Is your pet overweight?

Obesity in pets is a growing concern for pet owners and national surveys put the prevalence of overweight pets as high as 41% in dogs and 32% in cats. There are a number of factors that can increa...
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Meet our own FURRY family members!

In our previous newsletter we introduced you to the Sorrento Animal Hospital team members. This time around, have a look at the extended furry family.
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You can protect your pet from the pain of arthritis this winter

Advances in veterinary care mean that our beloved pets are living longer than ever. This extended lifespan is wonderful but means that our pets need extra care as they age to ensure they can enjoy a g...
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You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Learning tricks is a fantastic way to keep your pet stimulated mentally and physically. It can also be an excellent way to bond with your furry companions! All these tricks are started with a treat. ...
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