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Nutritional Advice

Below are listed some random thoughts on the topic:

bullet Deficiency syndromes are never seen when cats are fed on a variety of commercial and home prepared foods.
bullet Deficiencies and toxicities are seen when cats become addicted (as they certainly do) to one food type, i.e. liver, sheep heart, tuna.  Keep it mixed or use a commercial product made of many components i.e. dried and canned food from the major pet food companies.
bullet Some dried foods (remember to read the label) reduce the incidence of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.  They contain substances or foods (i.e. maize) to increase the acidity of the urine.  Male cats sometimes develop blocked urethras from this disease and this food is important for them.
bullet Some cats have insatiable appetites and harass the owner all day for food.  I have no answer to this other than remove the cat from the problem, eg lock them outside.
bullet Some cats are very finicky and demand a constant supply of new flavours and brands to please them.  This is common and I have no answers.
bullet Some cats will happily live and reproduce on one brand of dried food only.
bullet "Premium" brands exist that are sold only at vets, pet shops and pet wholesalers.  These foods are three times as high in fat i.e. about 20% compared to regular brands which have approximately 7%, are highly palatable and have no colourings added.  They tend to have only two protein sources, ie chicken and maize or rice so there is less food intolerance and thus less diarrhoea and vomiting when they are used. 
bullet The nearest to perfect food for a cat is a whole rat, mouse, bird, lizard etc. These are difficult to obtain.