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Management of Flea Infestations

The flea population is at its worst in this district during February - March, when the weather is warm and moist.  In the cold months flea eggs may not hatch and in the hot dry season the immature stages of the flea die.

Fleas are best managed by preventing the build-up of eggs in the cat's environment.  A female flea lays 10 or more eggs per day over many weeks. 

Half of these are females so you might not be aware that numbers of eggs in a house are often in the thousands.  Modern management involves monthly application of insecticides ("Frontline" or "Advantage").

"Program"  is an injection that is administered every 6 months to prevent the eggs from hatching. 

All three products listed above have excellent safety profile and  are only sold 'over the counter' at veterinary clinics. We offer these products at Iron Mines Veterinary Clinic.