Happy healthy pets

Causes of Mortality

In the Southern Highlands;

bullet Car trauma:  If you live near a busy road, you probably should not keep a cat unless it is kept indoors.  Some cats are very happy never going outside - others need freedom!
bullet Dog trauma is frequent:  The usual dogs involved are of the aggressive breeds which are kept to protect property.  If your neighbours own them, be careful.
bullet Kidney failure:  About half of our cats will die of kidney failure.  The cause is uncertain, the management is unrewarding and the ideal solution (ie. kidney transplant) is unavailable as a routine treatment.
bullet Snake bite:  The is hard to quantify but it is probably quite significant in rural cats.  The two syndromes seen here are:  a)  Flaccid paralysis - due to Copperhead bite. Most of these cats survive without antivenene;  b)  Paroxysmal seizures - I do not have enough anecdotes to describe the species responsible but probably Brownsnake.