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Equine Services - Caring for your horse

Here at North West Veterinary Clinic we provide a full range of equine services. These include preventative healthcare plans, reproduction and artificial insemination programs, full dental examinations and treatments using our custom designed dental trailor, Pre purchase examinations, insurance assessments, lameness examinations and general health examinations, where our vets can advise in all areas of equine health to allow you to provide the best and most affordable health care for your horse.

Our veterinarians recieve up to date training in all of these important areas and have also recieved a further qualification in Equine Dentistry.

One of our vets, Dr. Justin Little BVSc has completed a first class reproduction workshop with one of Australia's most respected equine reproduction veterinarians. Reproduction and artificial insemination are a complicated and ever evolving area with new and interesting techniques being discovered all the time. With our veterinarians taking part in these essential further education programmes we can ensure you and your horse are recieving the best service and the highest chance of success possible with a specifically tailored programme to suit you and your mare.

Preventative Healthcare

We recommend that all horses should have a yearly examination which should include a full dental examination.

Dental health is crucially important to your horse's general health and performance. All of our vets are fully qualified equine veterinary dentists and can safely and competently assess and carry out dental procedures on your horse. We also have a fully equipped dental trailer to allow safe and convenient examinations at a location suitable for you.

With potentially deadly infections affecting our horses and foals, vaccination is a crucial component of any horse’s overall health program. That’s why we encourage all horse owners to take a stand against infection.
All horses should be vaccinated against:
• Tetanus
• Strangles
• Hendra virus...

Hendra Vaccination

Hendra virus is a potentially deadly viral disease that can be spread from horses to humans. Horses contract Hendra virus from bats or by close contact with other infected horses. There are no known treatments for Hendra virus.

 The clinical signs are highly variable with the two most common manifestations are

respiratory and neurological signs. Some clinical signs are listed below:

· Acute onset of illness with rapid deterioration

· Fever and discomfort

· Increased heart rate

· Depression

· Other possible signs: laboured breathing, nasal discharge, neurological signs (wobbly gait, muscle twitching etc) or colic like   symptoms.

The virus has an incubation period of 4-16 days (this is the time between exposure to the virus and the appearance of the first symptom). Despite this, horses may excrete the virus in nasal secretions 48 hours after exposure which is a long time before the horse becomes clinically sick. The infection in horses has a high mortality rate and national policy states that any horse which tests positive has to be euthanised. Humans have a 57% mortality rate and may begin to show signs of illness within 5-21 days of contact with an infected horse.

Every horse prior to being vaccinated will receive a health check. Legally every horse that receives a vaccination has to be microchipped;  if you are unsure if your horse is microchipped the veterinarian will scan the horse.

For more info regarding your horses preventative healthcare regime please call us here at the clinic on 4743 3220.