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Clinical Pathology

Our animal hospital is fully equipped with an in-house laboratory that allows our veterinarians to quickly perform many diagnostic tests to achieve an accurate and rapid diagnosis. This is especially important in very ill animals and those requiring immediate or emergency treatment.

Our clinical pathology services include the laboratory evaluation of blood, fluids and body tissues in order to identify disease, we can test many species including dogs, cats and horses.

Our laboratory testing options include;

Blood chemistry, which can give us an understanding of how organs such as the kidney and liver are functioning. 

Full blood counts, allowing us to monitor signs of infection or anaemia. 

Blood clotting times, our new Idexx Coag machine accurately measures how your pet is clotting their blood, detecting any abnormalities and is a much faster test than others available. This is particularly important in snake bite cases and rat bait poisonings. 

Urinalysis and faecal testing allow us to diagnose urinary tract issues and check for parasite infestations.

Our Idexx blood machines are state of the art and allow rapid and reliable results at our finger tips, most testing takes only minutes. Our machines are regularly quality tested in house and regulated online by Idexx Laboratories in Brisbane.

Some more specialised tests such as tissue examination, cultures and infectious disease testing may need to be performed by an external veterinary laboratory. Specialised testing may take 12-24 hours for blood results or up to 14 days for tissue results, depending on the nature of the test being performed. Our vets will be able to advise you on the expected waiting times at testing.