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  *Payment plans are now available*                                                                                                                          


Home vet visit - $165    30 minutes standard                                                                                            

Free from the external stress of a clinic environment, a home visit means more time to assess your pet where they are most comfortable, without the hassle of getting them to an appointment. The standard consult is 30 minutes, longer than the normal clinic consult, which means that things can go at a slower pace for your pet and it allows you more time to ask any questions you may have about your pet's health.

We know that sometimes just getting them to the clinic can be a challenge ; They may have anxiety and the clinic may make them nervous, you may have young kids and multiple pets so juggling both at the vet is hectic, they may be elderly and arthritic and getting them into the car is a struggle, or maybe you have a cat... and well the cat just says no. 

The cost of the home visit includes check up, call out and travel for those areas within the local Bunbury region. Please see below for additional travel costs to outer areas and if your area does not fall into any of these, please call to see if a visit can be arranged.

Behaviour consultation - $185  45 minutes - 1 hour

The focus of a behaviour consultation is to work with both the owner and the pet to help better understand the issues that are causing concern, and help come up with practical solutions that supports everyones needs. It is also important to address any medical issues that may be contributing to behaviour, so a health check will also be part of any initial behaviour consultation.

Behaviour in our animals is very important to understand in order for us to have a strong connection with them and to have a household that holds less stress and anxiety. Stress plays a very important role in disease, therefore reducing stress and anxiety is an essential factor in maintaining health in both animals and people. Behaviour problems in animals can often cause them to lead a less fulfilled life than what we would like for them, and it can cause considerable distress for owners, so addressing these issues can help establish a more harmonious household

As behaviour can be a complex issue with many factors, some of which stem from an early age, it is important to understand that changing behaviours is not something that can be expected overnight. Just as in people, habits can be hard to break, so persistence and consistency is key to change. Owners play a big role in helping their animals overcome any behaviour concerns, and though the steps may initially be small, once a change begins it is definitely worth it for everybody. 


Quality of life assessments - $185   45 minutes

Quality of life assessments are for those animals that may have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or the elderly patient that has reached their twilight years and we feel may not be with us much longer.  In discussing options, both medical and supportive, the aim is for owners to feel more a part of the decision process and more prepared for the times ahead. A full health assessment will help guide a plan as to what decisions are needed. 

Having the personal experience many times of animals coming near the end of life, we understand that often there are concerns of whether we are providing them with the best possible support at their most vulnerable stage of life. Support for them can come in many forms and often we may just need to refine things that we are already doing to ensure that they are comfortable and living their last stages, however long that may be, with dignity. During these often difficult times, it is us as owners that may require the support too, to have the reassurance from someone that understands, that we are doing whatever we can in the best interest of our loved ones to honour them when they rely on us the most. 

Please let us know at the time of booking that you require a quality of life assessment so a longer appointment can be scheduled. 


Vaccinations - additional $50 to visit fee

In most cases, puppies and kittens require multiple vaccinations when they are young to ensure they develop sufficient immunity at a time when they are most vulnerable to infection. Vaccinations in their first year are crucial to the development of a strong immune system that will help protect them against diseases that can be fatal. 

Vaccinations as pups are recommended at 6-8 weeks, 10 - 12 weeks then 14-16 weeks. The vaccine used by North 2 South Vet Care to protect against parvo virus for adult dogs lasts for 3 years, reducing the vaccine load each year on your dog. The kennel cough vaccine is recommended yearly due to the nature of the vaccine and the disease, and a yearly check up is always highly recommended to catch any changes to health early.  

Kitten vaccinations are recommended at 8-10 weeks then another vaccination 3-4 weeks later. Yearly vaccinations are generally recommended from then on and the type of vaccine required will depend on your cat's lifestyle so a chat with the vet is best to discuss their needs. 


Heartworm injections - additional $115 - $220 to visit fee (weight dependant)

Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes and like the name suggests, they can carry larvae which once injected through a bite, develop into adult worms and make their way to the heart, blocking important structures, which can ultimately lead to death. Although the prevalence of heartworm is lower in colder climates, the reality is wherever you see a mosquito your pet could pick up heartworm, much the same as us contracting Ross River or dengue fever. And with travelling up north with our dogs becoming more common, the risk of spread of infection from north to south increases.

The heartworm injection lasts for one year so can be given at the same time as vaccinations and health checks. It takes the fuss out of monthly spot on treatments or tablets so your pet is always protected.   


Medications - these will be dispensed as required and costs additional to the visit fee. 


Additional travel fees outside the local Bunbury area;

$25                                                           $45                                                   $65

Burekup            Waterloo                          Capel                                             Harvey   

Stratham          Dardanup                         Donnybrook                                 Boyup Brook

Brunswick Jn    Binningup                       Argyle                                            Collie

Boyanup            Roelands                          Peppermint Grove Bch

Crooked Bk         Parkfield                              Wellington Mills