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home mobile vet nurse

North 2 South Vet Care is now offering home nurse consults for your special pet for only $120*. 

Making the best decisions for your pet can sometimes feel overwhelming with all the information that's available so we keep it simple and advise on the things we know work and, more importantly, work for you and your pet.  

What's included in the nurse visit?

Free health check

Nail clip and anal gland expression (if required)

Nutritional and weight management advice

Why are we offering home nurse visits? Because we know that your pet is important to you and keeping them happy and healthy is our main goal too. Our vet would love it if there were less sick animals to treat so she could spend more time sharing tips and ideas on providing a safe and loving environment for your furry friends. 


Please note; our qualifed nurse is amazing at her job so we want her to stay a nurse which means she doesn't diagnose conditions or prescribe medications that a vet does. If your pet is sick or you need more than general advice that requires a vet then please book an appointment with Dr Naomi. If you're unsure, then please call us to discuss further. 

* Travel fees apply to areas outside the local Bunbury area so please refer to the Vet visit page for more information.