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Dr Naomi understands the grief and loss that accompanies the passing of a truly special pet, and that having to make the decision to say goodbye to a loved animal is never easy. No matter the circumstances, it is a very difficult time for all involved when it comes to saying farewell.

A private goodbye

North 2 South Vet Care offers a compassionate in-home euthanasia service which aims to make this process a more personal and private time for the final moments with your much loved family member. Having your pet in their own familiar environment, amongst those that love them, ensures that the last goodbye is as stress free as possible, and ensures them the dignity and comfort they deserve before passing over the rainbow bridge. 

Cremation service

An aftercare cremation service is also available offering private individual, or communal cremations. A private individual cremation means that your pets' ashes will be returned to you for scattering or to keep close by, whilst a communal cremation will see your pet respectfully cremated alongside other animals, however no ashes are able to be returned to you.  

Euthanasia Fees*;

  • Cat or small dog (up to 10kg) - $310


  • Dogs 10 - 20kg - $330


  • Dogs 20 - 30kg - $350


  • Dogs 30 - 40kg - $370


  • Dogs 40 - 50kg - $390


  • Dogs 50 - 60kg - $410


  • Dogs 60 - 70kg - $430


  • Dogs 70 - 80kg - $450  


  •  Communal cremation up to 10kg - $45


  •   Communal cremation 10 - 20kg  - $70


  •  Communal cremation      >20kg  - $95                           


*For private cremation options and fees please visit the Lawnswood Pet Cremation and Cemetery website at Please note that a $55 service fee applies to the private cremation service. Travel fees apply to areas outside the local Bunbury area. After hours call outs will incur additional fees.