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Cat Act 2011

The Cat Act 2011 came into effect as of 1st November 2013. 


The provision of this law is to ensure responsible cat ownership, reduce total numbers and euthanasias of cats/kittens in shelters and to protect our native wildlife that is under constant threat from feral cat populations. 


What are the important points of this legislation?


  • All cats are to be microchipped, sterilised and registered with the local council before 6 months of age. 


  • Cats are to wear registration tags with appropriate identification. 


  • It is an offence to breed from a cat unless you are a registered breeder with a permit from the council.


  • You are considered a breeder even if you only have one litter from your cat, so a permit is still required.


  • If your cat has had kittens, you are responsible for microchipping and sterilising the kittens before they go to their new home, or if they are too young for desexing when rehomed, you must provide a voucher to the new owner. 


Subsidies are available through many local councils and with some cat shelters to help with the cost of sterilisations and microchipping for low income owners. For more information on the Cat Act 2011 follow the link