• Merredin Veterinary Hospital
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  • 29 Todd street, Merredin

Behind the Scenes

Reception and Waiting Room

Our recently renovated Reception and Waiting Area is very friendly and inviting with welcoming smiles and advice. There is a community notice board where clients can put information about lost, found or wanted pets as well as pets for sale and animal related services. The Waiting Room also has a variety of products to purchase while visiting our clinic.






Consultation Room

We have one fully equiped Consultation Room at our practice which includes a set of scales which are available for you to weigh your pet at any time. The Consultation Room is where the Veterinarian will examine your pet and during this time you will be able discuss all your concerns or queries.




Treatment Room

The Treatment Room is the busiest room in the hospital. This is where unsterile procedures such as dentals and abscesses are performed. The Treatment Room is also where we anaesthetise and prepare patients for sterile surgery. We also use the Treatment Room for regular examination of hospitalised patients.





Surgical Suite

The Surgical Suite is where the Veterinarian performs sterile surgeries such as sterilisations, orthopeadics and lump removals. All the instruments and drapes are sterilised with our high pressure autoclave between each patient. The surgical nurse monitors the anaesthetic throughout the entire surgery to ensure correct anaesthetic depth is maintained.  Our Surgical Suite is fully equiped with a gaseous anaesthetic machine, a Pulse Oximeter  (to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation) and an Apalert ( to monitor respiratory rate)





Our practice is currently furnished with a state of the art X-Ray machine and digital x-ray processor (x-rays that are captured digitally rather than on film). This produces better quality images than a chemical x-ray processor. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to provide you with a quicker diagnosis for your pet. Plus, it uses less radiation than traditional x-rays. It will also mean you will now be able to take a copy of your pets images home with you. Radiography utilises x-rays to visualise the structure and integrity of bones. It is a very common diagnostic tool for lameness evaulation and assesment of bones secondary to trauma.



Kennel Room

We have a large Kennel Room with spacious and clean kennels and runs for animals of all shapes and sizes. Each cage is lined with a fleecy rug, towels and blankets to ensure your animal is warm and comfortable during its stay. Our vet nurses constantly check all our inpatients to ensure they are recovering well from their operations or illnesses. The Kennel Room is centrally heated and cooled for added comfort in the Summer and Winter months.
We also have an isolation ward to house any animals with infectious diseases to prevent their spread to other animals.