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Meet Our Team


Dr Christine Kidd

Practice Owner (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc))

Dr Christine Kidd BVSc makes up one part of the Dynamic Duo that established, built up and successfu...

Dr Pauline Gaven

Practice Owner (Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Adjunct Senior Lecturer University of QLD)

Equine and Small Animal Pauline Gaven gained her Veterinary Science degree from the University of Qu...

Eleanor Parsons

Practice Manager (Bachelor of Science, MBA, CERT IV Vet Nurse)

We were very excited to have Elle join our Team last year as our new General Manager. Eleanor has ma...

Paula Pangrazio

Nurse Manager (Diploma in Veterinary Nursing Emergency and Critical Care.)

Our Nursing Manager Paula is another of our long term and very experienced Small Animal Vet Nurses. ...

Dr Lynn Minhinnett

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery.)

Lyn is one of the elite Veterinarians that graduated from the Qld Vet School. With over 30 years of ...

Fiona McConnell

Veterinarian (BVSc GradCert VS MANZCVS)

Who better to be a Small Animal Veterinarian at Manly Road Veterinary Hospital than a born and bred ...

Tasmiya Hussein

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science University of QLD)

Dr Tasmiya has been with Manly Road Veterinary Hospital for fifteen years. (In between having her fo...

Sharon Whitfield

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science Degree - University of Zimbabwe)

Dr Sharon hails from Zimbabwe and is one of our consulting Veterinarians. To make sure she and her ...

Dr Miranda BVSc

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Dr Miranda Neep has been an integral member of our Small Animal Veterinary Team for five years now a...

Dr Christophe Detourmignies

Veterinarian (Doctor Veterinary Medicine. MBA)

Christophe is a graduate of ENVA, a French Vet School near Paris. After a year participating in oral...

Dr Tanya Bèrubè

Veterinarian (DVM)

Tanya, originally from Canada studied her Doctorate of Veterinary medicine at the Atlanic Veterinary...

Dr Preethi Saldanha

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veteirnary Science (BVSc))

Dr Pree is a moxt excellent Veterinarian. It is not only her skill and knowledge that makes her an a...

Dr Minli Chang

Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Minli graduated from University of Queensland in 2009.Dr Minli interests include internal medicin...

Dr Lin Choi

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons))

Dr Lin is from Korea and has called Australia home for a long time. Dr Lin graduated from The Univer...

Dr Kassy McInnes

Veterinarian (Bachelor Veterinary Medicine (BVSc) Honours)

Dr Kassys field of interest is anything Equine!Working alongside Dr Paulin Gaven in our Equine Unit,...

Dr Shruthy Anandakumaresan

Veterinarian (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM))

We are the luckiest of Veterinary Hospitals to have Dr Shruthy as a member of our Team. Dr Struthy g...

Dr Alex Malcolm

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons) University of Queensland )

We are so happy to welcome Dr Alex to our Veterinary Squad!Dr Alex has a strong interest in Emergenc...

Bridget Williams

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Nurse Bridget has been a Qualified Veterinary Nurse for many years. Bridget gained her Nursing quali...

Colleen Elson

Veterinary Nurse (Certificate III Equine Nursing.Associate Diploma in Stock and Meat Inspection.)

EQUINEColleen is a valuable asset to the Equine Team - as the most Senior Equine Nurse, Colleen has ...

Shona Olsen

Veterinary Nurse (Qualified Veterinary Nurse)

Shona also hails from the land of the long white cloud and describes herself as a vet nurse extraord...

Sally Cooper

(Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse )

When Nurse Sally not organising her upcoming wedding she is here at Manly Road Vet Hospital giving h...

Lucy Youngs

Veterinary Nurse (Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology)

Nurse Lucy Graducated form University of Queensland with a Veterinary Technician Degree in 2016.We n...

Selena Chi

Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Nurse Selena is one of our most experienced Nurses and has worked hard to become one of our Senior V...

Saskia Smith

Receptionist (Receptionist Extraordinaire )

First starting at Manly Road Veterinary Hospital in 1998 Saskia is the mainstay of our Reception are...

Danyell Grainger

Assistant Nurse (Cattery TechnicianMultitasking Hospital Assistant)

Nurse Assistant Danyell has been with the Manly Road Veterinary Hospital Team since 2007.Danyells co...

Bronte Grahame

Customer Service (Certificate II in Animal studies & Certificate III in Companion Animal Services.)

Bronte is a member of our Customer Care Team and she loves interacting in person with owners and the...

Cheryl Smith

Purchasing Officer

Our lovely Cheryl has worn many hats at MRVH over the years, but is currently enjoying the role of A...

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