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Microchipping your Pets

Microchipping your baby is so important!!

If you have purchased a new puppy or kitten we are sure they have already been Microchipped as is now the law in QLD. If you have purchased a new baby out of State then we would reccommend you confirm with the breeder that they have been chipped. If you have purchased a new baby that has not been chipped you can pretty much guarantee that it has not been vaccinated either and you should reconsider where you purchase your pet from.

A microchip is not much bigger than a grain of rice and is injected under your pet’s skin. It can be done during a normal consultation. The microchip is embedded with a code unique to your pet and is the most effective form of permanent identification. This code is placed onto a national computer database, so it is particularly useful in the return of lost pets. They can also assist where the ownership of an animal is in dispute. In some states of Australia microchipping of pets is now compulsory.

If a pet is ever lost and is handed in at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter a microchip scanner is passed over the animal to reveal the unique code. The vet or animal shelter can then refer to the database to identify the name, address and phone number of the owner, so they can be reunited.

Q:- How much does it cost to Microchip my dog or cat?

A:- We are so convinced of the vitalness of Microchipping that we offer it here at Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital for the very reasonable price of just $30.98 with any consult or surgical procidure and that inludes registering the microchip as well!  



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