Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital

We are here for you and your pets and if your little one is on medication that requires a repeat script refill we can help you make this process as easy as possible. 
If you require a Script Refill please ensure you place your order with our Customer Care Team at least 48hrs prior.
(It is always a great idea to reorder when you are running low)
Last minute prescription refills may not be available on our busier days.
Our Customer Care Team will be able to take your order but it is the Veterinarian who is legally responsible for filling the script or or requesting a consult with you and your pet.
All script requests are logged by our Customer Care Team over the phone or via email but it is one of our awesome Veterinarian Team members that will either fill the script for you or request a consult before more medications is made available for collection.
BY LAW [Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 (Queensland)], VETERINARIANS ONLY are authorised to prescribe S4 drugs for your pet (i.e. ‘Prescription Animal Remedy’/prescription only drugs). The majority of drugs used to treat your pet will be S4 medications. BY LAW, in many cases, veterinarians cannot authorise further prescriptions without first reviewing the patient—for example, pets with chronic conditions such as skin disorders, arthritis and others. As directed by law, the VETERINARIAN ONLY can decide whether it is safe to authorise a repeat prescription, based on their clinical knowledge and the best interests of your pet’s health and welfare. We understand this can be frustrating when your pet requires ongoing medication(s). Veterinary professionals must abide by the Drug Regulations created to safeguard your pet’s health and welfare.