With the ever present risk of Covid in the community, the Practice Principals Dr Christine Kidd & Dr Pauline Gaven have chosen to continue safe Covid Practices for the benefit of our Team and our lovely Clients.
Being the largest Veterinary Hospital in the area we currently employ over 100 Team Members and see many patients on a daily basis. We are also staffed 24hrs a day our exposure rate is high. 
You will be greeted by our lovely external Customer Care Team who will confirm your appointment and check you in for your consult or emergency visit.
The Veterinarian will then come outside to consult with you and take your pet inside for treatment. 
Your Veterinarian will then return your pet to you and discuss any diagnosis or treatment required.
Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital is classified as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE.
Our 24hr open and staffed for all consults and emergencies does not change.
This policy is reviewed every month.
We have kept our COVID Restrictions in place for many reasons and the looming possibility of future lock-downs is one of them.It has been a tough decision by the Practice Principals to keep our beautiful clients & friends outside. We miss the closeness, the noise, the connection, the importance of touch when comfort is needed.
We miss saying “hey” as we walk past you in the clinic. But we are still here. Still loving on your precious babies. Restrictions, masks & lock-downs are part of our lives now, but Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital IS an essential service.
We are here under ANY circumstance.
That never changes. Ever.
Stay safe.
Stay well & we see you under that mask.