Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital

PH: 3396 9733

219 Manly Road, Manly QLD 4179

Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital

Vets and Nurses by your precious pets side 24 Hours A Day Every Day

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Manly Road 24hr Veterinary Hospital is your local 24hr Emergency Veterinary Hospital and everyday Veterinary Clinic.                                 

What we can do you for your precious family member

  • Vets & Nurses by your dearest ones side 24hrs a day              
  • Large Medical Ward
  • 24hr Emergencies & Veterinary Intensive Care
  • Desexings - Speys, Castrations, Dentals
  • Vaccinations & Wellness Consults
  • Xrays, Ultrasounds, Endoscopes
  • Orthopaedic Surgeries
  • Tick Paralysis Treatment
  • Ophthalmic Treatment & Surgeries
  • Breeding services & Artificial AI’s
  • Tick Paralysis Treatment
  • Cattery
  • Puppy School
  • Breeding Services

Equine Unit

- Situated on nearly 5 Acres
- Stables
- Full Medical & Surgical facility









Extended Consultation Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 8:00pm

8:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday - Vets and Nurses in Hospital for all emergencies

We are here for you and your pets.

Our Team are here 24/7, 7 days a week 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year


Home visits available 


Call us: 33969733

Here 24 hours A Day 

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