Multi Cat Households


Multi-Cat Households






Why does inter cat tension occur in multi-cat households

Cats are naturally solitary animals and prefer free access to water, food, litter trays, bedding, exits and entrances.
In a home with more than one cat this can cause competition between the cats for these things which in turn creates conflict.

It can be difficult to identify conflict between cats in the household or within your cats’ territories. However these conflicts can be stressful for your cats and in turn lead to unwanted behaviours of aggression, spraying or scratching.



How to reduce tension in Multi-Cat Households

1. Plug in a Feliway Diffuser in the room most frequented by your cats. Several diffusers may be needed in large homes or multi-level homes, when cats have different living areas.

2. Create multiple access points for valuable resources:

  • Litter trays (1 per cat + 1 extra)
  • Multiple food stations
  • Multiple drinking opportunities (away from food).
  • Enough climbing, hiding and sleeping areas for all cats.

3. Make sure these resources are spread around the house and on each floor to avoid competition.


Additional Advice

  • Covered litter trays may increase bullying in some multi-cat households.
  • Single cat-sized sleeping perches have been shown to help reduce individual cat stress in multi-cat households.
  • Placing a bell (or several bells) on the aggressor cat in the household can be useful as it provides a warning to the other cats that the aggressor cat is coming, giving them the chance to get out of the way.
  • Provide safe escape routes and hiding places at a height to reduce bullying.


Feliway Diffuser helps in multicat households where there is tension between cats, by decreasing overall stress. Conversely, in cases where recognized aggression is displayed (with fights, attacks, wounds), consulting a behaviorist is strongly recommended.