Grief Support Books

Losing a pet is a difficult time. You have shared a bond and unconditional love for many years. They have been there with you through good and bad times so it is completely understandable that you will grieve there passing. Moving through the depths of this grief can be challenging. A way to help you understand your feelings and the feelings of anyone around you going through their own grief is by reading and understanding the emotions involved.

Patch and Purr have a collection of books specialising in grief and losing a pet or someone close to you to provide support at this challenging time.

When pets die it's alright to grieve

By Doris Zagdanski

Brought to you by our very own grief expert, When Pets Die, it's alright to grieve takes a unique look into the powerful emotions we experience when a four-legged friend dies.



The Goodbye Book

By Todd Parr

Ideal for families with young children struggling with the loss of a beloved pet, Parr tells the story of a goldfish who loses his companion.



By Amelia Riedler

Riedler shows us the light in the darkness. In Courage, we explore how the hardest times of our lives can teach us the best lessons. 


When You Love A Dog

By M.H. Clark & Jessica Phoenix

There's a reason why they're called man's best friend. Flip through this stunning book complete with cute illustrations whenever you feel down.


When You Love A Cat

By M.H. Clark & Jessica Phoenix

Despite their often aloof reputation, cats can be so loving. Kitty owners will get great pleasure from this book filled with adorable illustrations.


Tiny, Perfect Things

By M.H. Clark & Madeline Kloepper

Take a look outside and explore the beautiful world of nature with this children's book complete with cute illustrations whenever you feel down.


Tiger Days: A Book of Feelings 

By M. H. Clark & Anna Hurley

Another great choice for young children and adults alike. Help navigate the feelings of grief with help from this brightly coloured tale.



Stuck For Words: What to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

By Doris Zagdanski

Another enlightening read from Zagdanski. An ideal gift for any family or friends who are finding themselves lost for words during this difficult time.



Teenagers and Grief

By Doris Zagdanski

Zagdanski returns with everything you need to know about supporting a teenager through periods of grief, including common questions and how to cope.


Patch & Purr offers pet cremations for when your loved one is no longer by your side, but forever in your heart. We strive to treat your loyal friend with the care and respect they deserve at every step of the way. Contact us 24/7 and we'll be happy to help.