Aftercare of your pet

Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision. Every family will be different and the choice is yours alone to make.

There are three options available when considering the aftercare of your pet's remains. Lithgow Vet Hospital staff are able to organize these for you.  

Lithgow Vet Hospital understands the importance of this last rite of passage and we select our aftercare providers based on our very high level for standard of care and veterinary approval. You can be assured that your pet is safely and respectfully cared for throughout this process.

Two options (private and communal) are available if you choose us look after your pet’s remains. 


With this option, your pet is cremated privately at Patch & Purr or Pets at Peace (Sydney) and the ashes are returned to us.


Pets are cremated with other pets and ashes are scattered together by the crematory. This is provided by Patch and Purr.


You may elect to bury your pet at your home (see local regulations in your area) -