*** NEWS UPDATE*** Does your cat go outside?

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) is the cause of Feline AIDS. It is similar to HIV in humans, causing suppression of the immune system, however you cannot catch it from your cat.

However, you can protect your cat against it. We highly recommend vaccination of all outdoor cats here at Leppington Vet Clinic.

Talk to our staff today about how you can protect your cat against FIV. 

Leppington Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Leppington Vet Clinic! We are a dedicated veterinary practice, aiming to provide our customers with professional and affordable veterinary care at all times. We strive to always be here for you and your family pet.

Our waiting roomWe are located at the corner of Eastwood and McCann Roads, Leppington. Simply look out for the large red brick building on the corner and come on in.

We opened up our doors many years ago, with a single but clear goal in mind: to care for your family pets, no matter what size or shape they come in.

We have fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores, so that we can look after you to the best of our abilities. 

So come and meet our dedicated team. We look forward to seeing you at your next scheduled visit.



First Aid App for iPhone or Android

Would you know what to do if your pet stopped breathing or suffered a fracture? In an emergency situation, effective first aid can minimise injury and even save lives. Knowing what to do makes all the difference.




To download First Aid for Pets Australia for free , search for it on the iTunes App Store, Google Play store or simply click the picture below.




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Leppington Vet Hospital is open 6 days a week.

Please call to make an appointment for veterinary consultation and surgery.

Open 8am-5.30pm

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9:00am - 11:30am then

4:00pm - 5.30pm


Open 8am-12 noon

Consultation hours:

9:00am - 12 noon



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