Our video-OTOSCOPE    shows  our   clients   what we  are  worried  about in our pets  ears .

It allows   us and   you the  owner  - to  see  ear  drums, grass  seeds ,   infected and  inflamed  ears   and  ear  mites.

It has  a  multifocal lens  which  means  you do not need  to stick the probe   as far down the ear canal to get  good  images.This is  less  painful   for  our pets.

We  also  use  it   to    see extra   eyelashes,  corneal  ulcers ,  foreign  bodies,    some  types  of  skin  mites, larval  ticks.

Biopsy of ear  polyps  has   also been  done  as well  as  "popping " infected  ear drums in middle  ear   infections.