Our hospital is fully equipped to take digital radiographs (often called X-rays) of your pet to help with a rapid diagnosis.  Our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s case and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine if your pet requires radiographs.  There are many reasons that your pet may require x-rays the most common of which are:

  • Lameness
  • Trauma- dog fights, car accidents etc.
  • Urinary problems - Blocked cats, dogs, rabbits or guinea pigs.
  • Foriegn body ingestion, 
  • Vomiting

Most pets can have an x-ray without any need for sedation, however, radiographs require your pet to be kept perfectly still in some unnatural positions.  If your pet does not remain perfectly still or the positions are unusual the vet may choose to sedate your pet for the x-rays.  Sedation can also reduce the stress especially in the prey species (rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents and birds) which makes for a much safer procedure.   Your vet will go through the x-rays with you before your pet goes home.  

Sometimes advanced imaging is required in the form of CT or MRI scans  in more  difficult cases . Spinal cord and brain assessment , and especially sinus problems are best imaged by using of one of these techniques. Referral can be arranged for these processes.

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