Birds, reptiles and small mammals  can make fantastic companion pets and can be very entertaining.   With each different species comes a unique set of challanges.     It is important with these species that they have the correct husbandry to prevent the majority of their medical problems.   Fortuantly Glenorie Vet Clinic now offers an Avian and Exotic pet medicine service to cater for the unique needs of each species. 

Unlike Dogs and Cats, avian and exotic pets are very good at hiding the begining signs of their disease, by the time you realise they are sick they have likely been sick for a while  There are a few changes to look out for which may indicate an underlying disese within each group of animals. At Glenorie Vet Clinic, we recommend an annual check up for birds, reptiles and small mammals as this can help pick up the early signs of disease in your pets well before you notice anything.  As most birds and reptiles dont live as long as humans an annual check up for them is like a check up with your gp every 5-10 years!!

Signsof disease Rabbits/Guinea pigs and Rodents:

  • Hunched body posture
  • Lack of normal grooming
  • Decreased appetite 
  • Decreased fecal production or change in fecal consistency. 
  • Any behaviour that is abnormal. 

Signs of disease in Birds:

  • Fluffed up feathers. 
  • Lack of normal behaviour and activity 
  • Decreased appetite 
  • Decreased fecal production or change in fecal consistency. 
  • Changing  resting position within the cage. . 

Early signs of disease in Reptiles:

  • Decreased appetite or lack of appetite
  • Change in fecal production
  • Difficulty shedding 
  • Reduced activity level 

If you notice any of the above signs in your pet dont hesitate to call us on 9652 1338 and we can book you in for a consultation as the sooner we identify underyling disease the easier it is to treat.   We do not recommned you wait for a few days to see as this can often be too late.


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