Edgewater Veterinary Hospital

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Horse care

At Edgewater Vet Hopsital we treat all types of horses from sports, show and race horses to pleasure horses and retirees. Our vets are experienced as well as actively involved in the horse industry.

Our services include:

Ambulatory & Clinical consultations

We offer routine as well as emergency procedures on your property or at our clinic.

General health checks

Your horse does not have to be sick to see our vets. Let us help you look after and advice on your horse's general health including, diet, exercise, worming, vaccination, etc. We also provide pre-purchase exams.


The most common cause of colic in WA is sand colic. We therefore recommend routine drenching for sand at least twice a year. A wormer can also be added to the drench.


All horses should be vaccinated against Tetanus and regular boosters are essential. Strangles is another highly infectious disease where vaccination is recommended. Vaccination against Hendra virus is now also available.


Lameness is a very common problem in all types of horses. A thorough examination by a vet is always indicated to try and localise, diagnose and treat the lameness.


There is a wide range of diseases known to affect the horse causing various issues. Here are some examples of commonly seen problems requiring veterinary attention: diarrhoea, weight loss, gastric ulcers, respiratory problems, skin disease, eye problems, etc.

Geriatric care

As your horse is getting older their needs will change and so should their health management. Let our vets advice you on how to best care and look after your older horse.


We have the capacity to run in-house blood tests, etc. giving you a quicker result regardless whether it is for disease investigation or just as part of a general health check up.


We provide referral to qualified Veterinary equine dentists for expert dental services for your horse.


We are equipped with sophisticated digital radiology for all your radiology needs.