Previous Pets Of The Week (August - December 2011)


"Misty (horse in front) has been a much loved family pet for the last 15 yrs. Misty is now 30yrs old and still has all her teeth and still fit as a fiddle. Misty loves rolling in the grass and swimming in the dam.

The horse running beside Misty is her son Charlie. Misty was very sick with founder when I purchased her and after 5 months of tlc she was given a clean bill of health. Most of the children (some are now adults) in Nundle had learnt to ride on Misty and Misty is still giving children lessons today."


"This is my beautiful girl Ophelia. I picked her up six years ago and she has brought so much fun and happiness to my life.

She can be a very typical cat - and by doing so has terrorised the house on several occasions and used her wit to cleverly annoy me.

But then you look at her when she cuddles up on your lap and you fall in love. She's been there when life was tough and offered her warm cuddles and affectionate kisses. She is a beautiful personality and very loving. I would never change my beautiful Ophelia - not even her typical cat traits."

maxi the cavoodle x   

"Maxi is three years of age and is a multiple breed of Cavoodle, Shitzhu and Lhasa Apso. He has such a loving sociable personality and gets along with anyone. In particular, his favourite thing to do is tease the cat. Every night there is a half an hour session where Maxi will chase the cat around the kitchen and the cat will play along too!!"

Minka the cat   

"Minka is a placid and affectionate cat who loves to eat! She lives with her daughter Dolly and her grandmother Precious, and of course, ME! I love her very much and she brings joy to my life every day!!"

Dolly the Aussie Bulldog   

"This is Dolly my 9 week old Aussie Bulldog. Dolly brings such joy, laughter and happiness to our lives.

Dolly loves to sleep on her back like a human and won't go anywhere without her little blanket. There is definatly a little human inside that roly poly body.

Dolly has some funny traits about her - she loves to get dressed up in all kinds of funny costumes and loves meeting new people. We have 2 other Aussie bulldogs at home and she loves to boss them around and tell them what to do.

We would love for Dolly to appear as pet of the week and also to promote this beautiful breed of dog. Aussie bulldogs are the most kindest, gentle, fun loving breed of dog you could ever own."

Brains the goldfish   

"This is Brains, my very smart monster goldfish!"


"This is Zebbie. We rescued her from a Industrial Estate 4 years ago. She had injured herself. We took her in gave her a good home and taught her what being a dog is all about. We even had to teach her how to growl!

Zebbie says please and thank you by placing her paws on your lap when you give her food or a treat. She loves it when the puppies from next door jump the fence to play. She is always willing to sit down for a cuddle especially when I have just come home from work. She is just another human to me. I love Zebbie so much."

Jack the black & white cat   

"Jack is a 5 year old 'tux' I adopted from the RSPCA a couple of years ago. He's very playful and mischievous. He has recently moved in with 2 other cats and is definitely the troublemaker of the group! However, he's very loving and enjoys nothing more than planting himself in front of the TV with us at the end of a long day."

Cooper the mini Foxy   

"Cooper is a blue and white Mini Foxy and is the new edition to our family. What he lacks in size he makes up for in energy and although he can be very naughty and gets up to a lot in mischief, he brings great joy to us all. We are proud of him because he has just graduated from puppy school and is on his way to being a more obedient dog .... that's if he's in the mood to be good!!!."


"William likes to help out in the home office!"

Congratulations to William and his family for being chosen as this week's pet-of-the-week.

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