Ballantrae Veterinary Clinic

Phone: (02) 9820-2711

Take A Tour Around Our Clinic

Entrance to Ballantrae Drive Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Ballantrae Drive Veterinary Clinic


Our waiting room

Our waiting room and retail section for all of your pets' needs


Reception area

Contact or visit us if you have any veterinary enquiries; we are here to offer professional and friendly advice


Consultation room

We make your pet feel right at home in our consultation room


Induction room

Our induction room, where we prepare our patients for anaesthesia


Our surgery room

Our surgical patients are closely monitored during anaesthesia by the latest monitoring devices and our dedicated staff


Our surgery room

We keep our surgery room constantly clean and tidy in preparation for our next surgery


Radiology machine

We offer a radiology facility so that you won't have to go anywhere else for your pets' x-rays


High-speed dental machine

Dental disease is one of the most common diseases we encounter - we use a high-speed dental machine to scale and polish your pets' teeth