Ballantrae Veterinary Clinic

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Clinic Hours
Ballantrae Drive Veterinary Clinic is open 6 days a week. Drop in anytime during the day for counter sales and advice.
Or call us to make an appointment with the vet - consulting hours are as follows:
9 - 11 am / 3 - 7pm
9 - 11 am / 3 - 7pm
9 - 11 am / 3 - 7pm
9 - 11 am / 3 - 7pm
9 - 11 am / 3 - 7pm
9 am - 12 noon

We are here for you

NEWS UPDATE: Does your cat go outdoors?

If you answered yes, your cat may be at risk of contracting a serious disease known as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). FIV is the cause of feline AIDS.

Fortunately, there is a vaccine against FIV. We recommend vaccination for all outdoor cats at our clinic here at Ballantrae Drive Vet Clinic. Talk to one of our staff today about how you can protect your cat against FIV.




Ballantrae Drive Veterinary Clinic

Here at our veterinary clinic, we aim to provide you with professional and affordable health care. Dr. Mario Viscardi, his associates and vet nurses are all dedicated and passionate about animals. No matter what size or shape your pet comes in, we will treat it as if it was our own.

Consultation roomAs our valued customer, you will be fully supported with up-to-date advice on health care issues and treatment options. We are all committed to ongoing education at Ballantrae Drive Vet Clinic, so that we can pass on professional recommendations to help you make the best decisions for your pet.

We have fully-equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines and pharmaceutical stores, so that we can look after all of your pets' needs. We want your pet to feel right at home with us; please feel free to take a tour around our clinic.

A big part of our local community

Waiting roomBallantrae Drive Veterinary Clinic has been an integral part of St Andrews for 18 years. In that time, Mario has helped thousands of our clients' cats & dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pocket pets.

Be assured that when we are treating your pet, we are treating it with care and compassion.

So take a moment to meet our team. We look forward to catching up with you and your pet at your next visit.