Ashmore City Vets

Wellness for our Pets

Ashmore City Vets - your new local Ashmore Veterinarian      

Ashmore City Vets is a small animal veterinary hospital located in Ashmore City Shopping Centre - downstairs of Dentist / Speech Therapy, and next to QML Pathology. We opened our doors in Feb 2021.

We provide veterinary services to pet parents in Ashmore, Southport, Molendinar, Labrador, Surfers, Benowa, Bundall, Carrara and beyond.

Ashmore City Vets aim to provide peace of mind, excellent service, and great value for money. We are here to play a key part in enhancing animal-human bonds, improving outcomes for both.

Proud member of Independent Vets of Australia, we are privately owned and family operated. We understand strong client connections result in great patient outcomes.

We will assist you in exploring and understanding different options for your pets’ health plans or treatment plans.

We want to support local neighbourhood by fostering local economy. We are also a big believer in Business For Good, making impacts across the globe.

You can expect high-quality veterinary medicine and surgery, which includes digital x-ray, ultrasound, and ABAXIS in-house pathology machines.

Our clients and our team are part of our family, and we pride ourselves on providing warm and compassionate care to everyone that enters our doors.


Services available at your local Ashmore Vet include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Health checks
  • Heartworm injections
  • Microchipping
  • Desexing
  • Dentistry
  • Soft tissue surgeries
  • Comprehensive parasitic prevention and reminder systems
  • Laboratory / pathology testing both internal and external
  • Digital X-rays
  • Mindray Ultrasound
  • Extended consults for e.g. ear problems and skin issues, arthritis management, puppy and kitten checks, senior pets, weight loss programs and nutritional advise, behavioural concerns, ongoing medical problems such as diabetes, quality of life discussions
  • Specialist referrals


Other services include:

  • Pedicures / manicures – from easy to difficult!
  • Pet pamper packages
  • Sedation cat / dog grooming
  • Boarding with medication
  • Euthanasia and Cremation
  • Free dental assessments
  • Assisting in general advice with pet insurance claims and choices
  • Assisting in applying for payment plan through VETPAY


Our team of experienced and caring veterinarians, nurses, and receptionists are here to help.

Ashmore City Vets. Wellness for our pets.

You are in good hands.


🌻 Meowsan Hippochen - PET STAR OF THE MONTH FOR JULY

May be an image of cat and indoor

Sharing a heart-warming story written by his adoption family πŸ™‚

""Hippo" was the first ever rescue cat available for adoption through Ashmore City Vets. We e-met Hippo on their Facebook page. The first time we saw Hippo, he was very shy, but friendly. He slowly walked around us, frequently purring, staring at us with his large yellow eyes. πŸ¦„ After the meet and greet opportunity with Hippo, we knew that Hippo was the one we were waiting for. Hippo is a big black Tom Cat around three years old. He seems to get along well with young children, seemingly immune to their extra love and noisy rackets. In the past, we have had experience with Guinea pigs, Bunnies and Fish. Occasionally we would babysit dogs for relatives, but have never come across a cat. The weekend before the adoption, our family excitedly watched countless videos all about cats. We wanted to be ready and have the knowledge to take care of Hippo when we welcomed him home. 🍎

Hippo officially joined our family on the day after Valentine's DayπŸ“. He is an especially affectionate creature. His antics always touch our hearts. For example, Hippo will wait and knock/scratch at the door for a pat, he will greet you with a 'hello' when you return home and will even, at times, sit on your lap or lick you for attention. Every evening, Hippo will happily accompany you in the kitchen until all chores are done. For that, we pampered him with the throne sofa in the best spot within the kitchen. Hippo quickly settled with our routines, and is proud to show off his handshake trick for treats. He is always calm, and likes to β€œmeow” when he needs to communicate, a true gentleman. That’s why we named him Meowsan - meaning Mr. Meow in Japanese. We are so happy we are able to provide him a lovely home to stay permanently. We love you heaps - Meowsan Hippochen !!

Ashmore City Vets is a wonderful clinic for both pet and pet parents. Dr. Karen and Rafal will ensure that your concerns are answered before you leave the door. 🍈Their loving and care towards your pets always go way beyond their professions. Aren’t we lucky to have Ashmore City Vets in our neighbourhood!


The Chen Family"

Have a lovely weekend


Gareth : Ashmore City Vets's Pet Star of the Month For June.

In the past 2 weeks, he has been through a leg amputation, a toe amputation, and all his routine vet work. So many of us have fallen in love with him along the way.

Qld Staffy & Amstaff Rescue showed up at the right time and gave this little man a chance, and he is taking his new lease of life very seriously - just look at this face!!

Up for adoption soon and we are certain he only deserve the best of homes. Good luck Gareth.

Here is what his foster mum Shiloh has to say about him:

"What a fighter Gareth is! Once he knew he was safe he really started to come out of his shell, what was first a very timid little guy is now so happy and smart!

Three legs has only hade him faster - he thinks the fourth was only holding him back. He loves to hang with his foster sister but playtime has been put on hold for some much needed healing.

Karen and Ashmore City Vets are so welcoming and the girls have been spoiling him, so much so that he never even looks back when he walks through those doors."


❣️ Pet Star of the Month of May goes to Miss Lily.

πŸ“―Lily has been very very brave, it's been quite a journey to recovery!

πŸ’šHere is Lily’s story written by her doting parents.

"Lily aged 8 and Bob aged 1 were two rescue mini fox terrier X dogs we welcomed into our home 9 months ago. We so needed these dogs to help us mend our broken hearts over the loss of our eldest son. We may have rescued them but they rescued us right back with an abundance of their unconditional love πŸ’ž.

On Monday the 10th of May Lily suffered a dog attack from an adult male German Shepherd. She survived this attack but was left with multiple bite wounds over her tiny body. We rushed Lily to Ashmore City Vets and her wounds were treated, cleaned and stitched up and we were to administer antibiotics and painkillers to her on a daily basis.

All was going well for the first week when an infection set in and overwhelmed her little body causing a large patch of skin on her chest, shoulder and leg to die away. We were so worried that this large wound would be insurmountable for Lily to survive. Dr. Karen did such a tremendous job treating poor Lily, there really are no words to express our gratitude to her for the loving care she bestowed on Lily 🧑.

Lily has revealed herself to be the best patient ever with a fighting spirit that defies her diminutive stature and a stubborn streak that gave her the will to live and stay where she is so desperately loved and needed. Lily makes tending her wounds and wrapping her bandages so easy by standing so still!.............

The only downside we have to report is that Lily is getting a tad too comfortable in being carried around in her dog bed by us her human servants!

πŸ’™We highly recommend Ashmore City Vets not only for their expert professionalism but for the genuine loving care they show their animal patients.

πŸ’œMr & Mrs Harding."