Meet our dedicated team of pet loving professionals!

We have 2-3 vets on duty each day with 5 nurses (two on reception and three caring for our surgical and hospital patients and assisting our vets).

We consult and perform surgeries Monday to Saturday. Each vet has at least 4 years post-graduate experience and each has different areas of Veterinary medicine and surgery that they are passionate about. 


Dr Katie Currie

Veterinarian and Hospital Director (BVSc GPCert(SAM))

Dr Katie grew up in rural Norfolk, England from a farming family. After graduating in 2002 from Bristol University, UK, Katie spent 3 years in a country mixed animal practice. A 2am cow caesarian in an open sided barn with snow blowing in, was the deciding point that small animal only work was her future. In 2008 she completed her European School of Veterinary post-graduate studies General Practitioner Certificate in Small Animal Medicine. In 2009 she moved with fiancé (now husband) Angus to Perth, WA. For the first year she locummed FIFO back to the UK until she was granted a visa in 2010 and they settled in Mandurah where they had their 2 children Jessica (2013) and Charlie (2016). Katie started working at Warnbro Veterinary Hospital in January 2015. The opportunity to purchase the clinic came up and in July 2019 Angus and Katie took ownership of the business eager to practice what they believe is important: providing a service they are proud of whilst treating clients, patients and staff the same way they’d treat family. 

Katie enjoys all aspects of Veterinary medicine and Soft-Tissue surgery. 

Katie doesn’t have much spare time between work, the business and children but squeezes in as many Les Mills classes, swims or walks/jogs as she can to stay healthy and sane! She has also enjoyed fabricating staff profiles for those who did not provide their own... 

Dr Angus Currie

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc, MVS)

Dr Angus lives with his wife Fergus (a geriatric Ragdoll who is not sure who invited the other household members in and is still hoping they are a temporary inconvenience).

Together the Gus’s enjoy braais and historical documentaries on SBS.

Angus escapes once a week for a solitary mountain bike in the bush whilst Fergus calls loudly and searches for him for three hours.

At night Angus is Warnbro Veterinary Hospital’s maintenance ninja – stealthily doing DIY and gardening under the cover of darkness. By day, when not working at Warnbro, Angus exports pets for people emigrating overseas. Fergus is hoping the rest of the household will be exported soon. 

Dr Bronwyn Florens

Senior Clinic Veterinarian (BVSc)

Dr Bronwyn graduated in 2003 and moved to Australia from South Africa in 2016, starting at Warnbro Vet in 2017. She enjoys most aspects of veterinary science - from watching clients interact with their pets to doing surgical procedures and treating medical cases. She lives in the company of a lot of females - her 2 daughters, a dog and a cat and 2 ferrets. Mochi, the only male (another cat) in the household copes by sucking up to everyone. Bronwyn spends her time either at work or driving her daughters around.  She likes cuddling up with them to watch Netflix or heading off for a walk on the beach. 

Just for fun: If you could be a superhero what superpower would you have?“Oh - if I had a superpower I'd want to be able to fly”

Dr John Davies

Veterinarian (BVMs BSc)

Dr Szou Whua Bosci

Veterinarian (BVM)

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Her vet journey started after watching Dr Harry Cooper on television. Szou graduated from Murdoch University Vet School in 2015 and has been working at Warnbro Vet Hospital since 2016. Szou works part time at Warnbro and the other days of the week she works at WA Wildlife in Bibra Lake, working with injured, ill and orphaned Native animals so she is the one we turn to for advice with less commony seen patient species!

She has 2 fur babies, Kelso (15yrs old) and Trudie (13yrs old), both rescues from Cat Haven. Trudie was a foster fail. She also has another foster failure, her feathered baby Ken, the chicken.

Dr Jennifer Wiseman


Claire Irwin

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Joanne Spalding

Practice Manager (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

If Jo was a book she would be the encyclopaedia of WVH containing all equipment manuals, a compendium of clients and pets past and present, building plans, history and legal proceedings of any vet or vet nurse who has even considered applying for a Veterinary job within a 50km radius. 

Jo qualified in Midsommer as an amateur sleuth and there is nothing that happens at Warnbro Vet Hospital that Jo doesn’t know about. This is partly also because in her spare time Jo is the staff psychologist but without a legal requirement for any confidentiality. 

As a former accountant Jo keeps the finances balanced and having watched 3 decades of Antiques Roadshow will be able to equate your invoice with the jewellery you are wearing should you be unable to pay by more usual means. 

Jo could persuade a feline-allergic Ailurophobe who has recently been hospitalised with cat scratch disease to rescue a homeless cat.


Head Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

Dani has been a qualified vet nurse for the past 10 years, she has been at Warnbro vets since 2020, after returning from maternity leave. She lives at home with her husband Dyllan, their two children, two cats and one very crazy dog. When she isn't working or wrangling children, she usually has her nose in a book or is taking photographs. She can confidently say there is nothing 'too disgusting' for her to handle and is insanely organised. Both good qualities to being a vet nurse. Her favourite part of the job is caring for hospital patients and monitoring anaesthetics.

If she had one superpower, it would be the ability to turn invisible. 


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing )

Daryl qualified with his Certificate IV in Veterinary Nurse in July 2022 from SMTafe Bentley.

He has two cats and a pair of Shetland Sheepdogs who volunteer as Visiting Therapy Dogs to long-term hospitalised patients. 

Daryl runs our Puppy Preschool classes having a keen interest in dog behaviour and training.


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

Kayla was born in Darwin but came to Rockingham when she was 3 years old.

She became a vet nurse because she’s always loved every animal whether it is cute and fluffy, scaley or down right as gross as a slater. She has always enjoyed being around animals and helping them.

Kayla first came to Warnbro Vet Hospital in 2016 for a work placement for her Cert III Companion Animal Services. She returned in June 2018 as a work experience student, and six months later was hired as a trainee nurse! Kayla qualified as a Cert IV Vet Nurse in June 2019 from South Metro Tafe, Bentley.

Before Vet Nursing, she was a Store Manager in a big retailer here in Rockingham/Mandurah.

Kayla says her proudest moment as a vet nurse is helping an extremely sick animal being admitted into hospital.. and the few days later (after treatment, successfully) walk out, tail wagging with their owner’s. “I think there are too many proud moments to nail down to one”.

When she’s not at work she is caring for her menagerie of pets: Free range rabbit "Moira", weiro "Roberta", Irish Red and White Setter "Erin" and little Staffy baby "Evie". She has recently started a home business doing Eyelash extensions and when she gets a chance enjoys going to the beach for a swim.

Just for fun: If you could be a superhero what superpower would you have?“I think invisibility would be super cool!”

If you could invite anyone (dead or alive) who would you invite to a party? “I think I would invite Hamish Blake.... I think I would invite him as I've listened to most of their podcasts since leaving Radio. I think he is one of the most funniest people with bold ideas. He would be the life of the party and there would not be a dull moment. If he could bring his long time friend Andy Lee that would be awesome!”


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing )


Registered Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing )

Jess grew up down south in Harvey then moved to Perth for high school. 

She wanted to become a Vet Nurse because a family friend was one of the local vets in town and Jess always loved visiting the animals in hospital and found everything about it fascinating

Jess did her Animal Care certificate prior to moving on to become qualified as a Cert IV Vet Nurse in 2006 at Swan TAFE (south metropolitan TAFE now). Jess worked for over a decade in a Veterinary Hospital in Perth before moving to work at a Veterinary wholesalers but returned to Vet Nursing in at Warnbro Veterinary Hospital in September 2020.

Jess has a 13 year old Maltese X named Albert who was left behind by a previous house mate,  a 2 year old white and tabby kitty named Nautilus (although we call him Fatty or Meow Meow) and a 5 month old red cloud kelpie named Rusty, who she calls their little wrecking ball!

In her spare time Jess enjoys going out fishing on the boat, going to the beach, hanging out with her step daughter and trying to catch up on sleep!

Just for fun: If you could be a superhero what superpower would you have? “Flying, it would be a lot more fun way to travel and the view would be awesome!”

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