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What is Heat Stroke in Pets

What is Heatstroke in Pets? Signs, Prevention, Treatment During summer, many pets become a little uncomfortable with the heat and humidity and also the increased abundance of parasites that thrive in...


Well Christmas is the time of craziness, relatives over, lots of presents, and when they leave you get the mess to clean up. Christmas is the common time of year vets see a lot of pancreatitis cases. ...

Menacing Mozzies

Long hot summer nights are upon us – the dreaded buzzing around your ears let you know summer is here and the onset of mozzies are here Not only are mozzies annoying and itchy but can also be f...

Slithery and Slimey

Reptiles are a great small pet to start with, don’t need a lot of space, don’t smell, and don’t bark! There are a few different types of reptiles you can keep (but remember you will...

Feeling Fishy

What kind is the right kind of tank to have? What kind of fish can I keep? Lots of different questions when first deciding that a fish tank is a pawsome idea. Generally there are a few rules to f...

Tick Tock

Tick Tock Spring has sprung – new pollens, flowers, hotter longer days, and the emergence of the fleas and ticks! The blood sucking demons are the most annoying thing to our pets! Flea bites, ...




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