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Dr David Hughes

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

David has over 25 years of experience in the veterinary industry. He worked over East and overseas before moving to Perth with his family and joining Swan Veterinary Hospital. David is interested in all aspects of small animal medicine, with a particular passion for cardiothoracic cases and backyard chickens. His favourite thing outside of work is spending time with his kids.

Dr Lucie Hartley

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)

Lucie worked with street dogs in India before settling in Australia. She also spent time working in a mixed animal practice before joining us at Swan Veterinary Hospital. She is particularly passionate about surgeries and greyhounds. She shares her home with a beautiful blue greyhound called Indi. When she is not working, Lucie enjoys camping, canoeing, four wheel driving, fishing, and boating.

Dr Catherine Harvey

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Catherine has over 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry. She has worked primarily with small animals and has experience with small pocket pets including birds, mice, rats, and rabbits. Catherine is passionate about pet skin disorders/diseases and is particularly fond of cats. She also has a collection of fish.

Dr Nikita Grant

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Nikita joined us at Swan Veterinary Hospital upon graduating and has been with us going on four years now. She is originally from South Africa and loves to go back and visit the game reserves. Nikita has a special interest in geriatric medicine and preventative care; including dental disease and weight loss. Her fur family includes four alpacas, one horse, two rabbits, and two dogs. She also has a big soft spot for bull terriers and kelpies.

Dr Vic James

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Vic has 18 years of experience in the veterinary industry. He worked in Hong Kong for eight years and has also spent some time working with stray animals in Southeast Asia. Vic has been with us at Swan Veterinary Hospital for about four years now and he is passionate about all general veterinary medicine. In his spare time he loves a bit of music, cricket, surfing and of course football.

Dr Emily Ho

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Emily has been with us at Swan Veterinary Hospital for about three years now. She has a passion for any exotic pets including rats, mice, and ferrets. Emily is originally from Indonesia and has three dogs back home. She has also owned guinea pigs for a couple of years. Outside of work, Emily loves playing badminton, going swimming, and is also a bit of a PC gamer. Much to our excitement, Emily has recently welcomed a new puppy into her home!

Dr Anthony Tjhin

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc)

Anthony is one of our senior veterinarians here at Swan Veterinary Hospital and he has a passion for surgery. He also has a huge soft spot for jack russell terriers and chihuahuas.

Dr Michaela Sykes

Veterinarian (B.Sc/B.V.M.S)

Michaela has been part of our Swan family for some time now. She spent some of her practical placement with us while studying, before officially joining our team after she graduated. Michaela is interested in veterinary imaging and critical care, and she also loves kelpies! When she is not working, Michaela enjoys musical theatre and traveling. She shares her home with three cats called Rocky, Frankie and Savvy, and a super adorable new addition to the family; puppy Joey!

Dr Kylie Jo Snowden

Veterinarian (B.V.M.S)

Kylie graduated in 2009 and has been with us at Swan Veterinary Hospital for about five years. In the past she has spent a year in the country working with large animals such as sheep and cattle. She also spent 16 months working at the Cat Haven, as well as working for 9 months with a specialist focusing on "pocket pets" such as guinea pigs and rabbits. Kylie is passionate about wildlife and her particular interests include feline medicine and soft tissue surgery. She has said that she would love to grow old at Swan Vet, and would also love to one day work in Indigenous communities with stray dogs. Kylie is a mum of three as well as a staffy called Mojo and a cat called Frodo. She is also associated with the "Hogs for Dogs" fundraising community.

Dr Mari Roberts

Veterinarian (B.V.Sc/B.V.M.S)

We are very happy to welcome Mari back to our team. Mari has worked for us before in the past and is one of our orthopaedic surgeons. Her favourite pastime is watching all sorts of TV shows, and she shares her home with a number of rescued cats and dogs.

Dr Chermaine Lim

Veterinarian (D.V.M.)

We are excited to welcome Chermaine into our team. She has a special interest in physiotherapy for dogs, with a particular focus on rehabilitation. In her free time, Chermaine enjoys watching all kinds of horror movies! She shares her home with a menagerie of animals; including a cat, two lorikeets, two dogs, three rabbits, and a collection of pond fish.

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