Bull testing

At Rural Vet Services we have the equipment to carry out bull testing which can be used to assess a bull's fertility and ability to produce viable offspring. We reccomend testing bulls prior to the mating season in order to assess a bull's fertility and imrpove your mating percentages. Bull testing is also used prior to bull sales or during fertility investigations.

Our bull breeding and soundness examination includes:

Basic lameness examination to rule out any musculoskeletal disorders/injuries.

Basic physical examination.

Scrotal circumference measurement: this is an indication of sperm storage and production capacity and is also correlated with female fertility of related offspring.

Internal reproductive organ exam: assesses accessory sex organs which are associated with sperm production and fertility.

Examination of the penis, prepuce and ability to ejaculate: this is assesed using an electroenjaculator.

Crushside semen examination: assesses sperm density, colour, progressive mnotility and forward motility.

We are also looking into offering sperm morphological examination as a further component to Bull Brreding and Soundness examination (BBSE)


Equipment required:

BBSE is performed in a crush so we ask that you have suitable yards and a crush set up that is able to restrain the bull effectively during the examination.


If you are interested in having a BBSE performed or have any further enquiries please feel free to contact the clinic.