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Meet Our Team


Liz Brown


Liz is the principal veterinarian at Northern Rivers Vet Service.  A definate animal lover, the household is full of animals, much to the kids annoyance at times.  12 pet dogs but currently the apple of her eye is "Taco", a 3 month old Collie working dog who is hopefully going to make cattle work eaiser for everyone! The rest vary from Great Dane and Mastiff's, down to annoying little chihuahua's and mini fox terriers.

Between Liz & Kelsey there isn't much quiet time at the clinic, the only quiet time is spent talking about how they can improve the Speckle Park herd. 

Outside of work you will find Liz doing something with the cattle! If it's fencing or drenching, there is never a quiet day!


Kelsey Brown

Veterinary Practice Manager

Kelsey is Liz's eldest daughter, and plans to take after her mother and father and become a vet. She has taken on a full time roll here at Northern Rivers Veterinary Service to gain more experience before heading off to University, where she has been accepted into Veterinary Science. Her goal is to specialise in Canine and Equine Reproduction and to eventually take upon the role of head veterinarian at the clinic (big shoes to fill, we know!!)

She is a phenomenal asset to our team and is great with clients and handling all types of animals. Since working here, she has taken a massive workload off Liz! Kelsey works 7 days a week to keep everything sorted in the clinic, and between a lot of our clients, the running joke is Liz & Kelsey are "THE DREAM TEAM"  which we won't argue about!!

Her interests outside the clinic (time permitting of course!) include campdrafting on her stockhorses ,anything to do with cattlework and, running a muck with her own doggos: Maisie & Django the brother/sister cattledog duo, Koda the Boerboel & everyone's favourite Chloe the chihuahua.

Rhyannon Cox

Veterinary Nurse

Rhyannon has worked here on a part time basis for the past 3 years, but has recently been promoted to full time. This leap in hours has allowed her to expand her knowledge and ascertain a great relationship with clients. Not only do the clients love her bubbly personalilty and dedication to the job but she is great working with the animals and takes a massive work load off Liz and the other girls.

In her spare time she enjoys spending quality time with her own fur family such as talking her dogs for a day on the beach or just spending a day in the paddock with her horses.

Rachel Coonan

Veterinary Nurse

Rachel has always been passionate about animal welfare since a young child, so she always knew working in the animal industry would be in her future. When Rachel came here for her Tafe Veterinary Nurse Cert 3 & 4 placement we knew we couldn't let her go!! She has been full time for short time but is learning the ropes very quickly.

She enjoys meeting new patients and helping provide the individual care they need. 

She was raised on a family property with horses and cattle, and now owns a retired racehorse and raising her own poddy steer. 

She is hard-working, and is constantly learning, which is what we love about her, she is always looking to please! Having the extra hands has definitely made everything run a lot more smoothly in the clinic!!

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