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Equine Dentistry

It is a well known fact that for best performance and health care, horses should have a thorough dental performed at least once a year.  Horses are different to us in that their teeth continue to erupt/grow down throughout their lives.  As a consequence of this, and because of the jaw action in chewing, horses develop "sharp enamel points",  which lead to a cascade of changes in the mouth if left unattended. Apart from the normal sharp points, we come across a variety of other dental abnormalities such as wolf teeth, hooks and retained caps, that we are competant at dealing with.  Equine dentistry can be performed at your place or at the surgery with our mobile horse crush and powerfloat. For safety and best results all our horses are sedated for the dental.  It is impossible to do a thorough dental and inspect the horses mouth without sedation.  Any dentistry questions can be directed to Liz at Northern Rivers Veterinary Service.