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Canine Reproduction

Canine reproduction is a major part of the work we do here at Northern Rivers Vet Service. There is a constant arrival and departure of bitches for breeding, usually involving frozen surgical insemination (FSI).  We are considered, by stud masters, to be one of the best in Australia, based on the high percentage of  pregnancies resulting from FSI, chilled and fresh semen insemination at our facitilty. 

Our in house progesterone machine allows for accurate and rapid assesment of a bitches cycle, we will have a result within 60 minutes. It is also used to determine when we perform our elective caesarians.  Breeders know of our reputation for excellent results. 


Everything gets timed with Progesterone tests. We may be going on about these tests, but they are a key tool in reproduction, our machine is non stop all day, without it, we wouldnt know what to do with ourselves!!

An FSI is when the semen is placed straight in the horns of the uterus. So the bitch physically is opened up under general anaesthetic.

This is a widely accepted form of breeding in the modern world. It opens up such a huge range of dog sires, for example, this process allows you (in Australia) to use a dog from overseas, or a dog all the way in Perth, take your pick, but its a phenomenal advance in Canine reproduction. 


A fresh AI is timed perfectly with out prog tests, we collect the dog, evaluate the semen and put the semen straight up the vaginal tract of the female. 

A Chilled AI is the same process but opens up a bigger variety of sires, you may want a dog in Sydney. With progesterone testing we will know when the bitch will need her AI's we link in with the owner of the dog, to know when he has to get collected, and the semen will get transported up to us and the semen will be inserted in your bitch when she is at optimal ovulation points. 


We have the most up to date equipment, allowing us to collect and freeze your dogs' semen, or simply evaluating his semen for your own stud records. This process alows us to get an accurate sperm count and pick up on any possible infertility issues he may be experiencing. If your dog has been missing to multiple bitches, contact us, there are ways we can help with lack of fertility issues. 



On top of artificial inseminations, caesarians are a HUGE part of our day to day work here. There is rarely a day we aren't performing either an elective caesar or an emergency caesar (although, these are normally at 3 am)

Elective caearians, if done correctly, are a great way of assuring both pups are all alive and mother has no uneventful mishaps in the whelping. Pregnant bitches, when close to their whelp date can be quite hard to feed, a lot of the time will go off their food for a long period of time, this causes them to lose condition and therefore may not be able to have all pup naturally, especially when they have been scanned with 8+ puppies. 

Elective caesarians are extremely common in greyhounds and any bulldog breeds,  

1. The bitch has no stress in whelping

2. The best course of action in bringing all pups out alive and safely.

3. It's a no brainer to do a caesarian when a bitch is scanned with 10 - 15 pups, trying to whelp that number, the stresses and risks that are bought to the bitch is quite dangerous. We did an elective caesarian on a bitch not long ago and she was scanned with 11 pups, we delivered 11 huge healthy pups, but the stress on her uterus was significant, it's lucky the owners decided to do a caesarian because otherwise her uterus would have ruptured, Causing severe sickness and very possibly death.  

3. The value of the pups. Particularly the greyhound industry, a vial of semen can be very expensive, so naturally, you want the assurance and the comfort that you are doing everything you can to get all these pups out alive and healthy.