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How not to lose your dog


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Have you ever lost your dog!

I have - twice in the last 2 weeks I lost Claude, my 12 year old Shihtzu. How do you lose a dog twice? Good question with quite a long answer.


Claude safe at home...


Firstly he ran away in a storm, busting out of the backyard. The second time he went into the street next to ours and was befriended by a six year old boy who took him to the beach for a walk (smuggled in the back of his mother's car!). He escaped from them there and fortunately was found by agood samaritan in Brunswick who delivered him to Billinudgel Vet Clinic. We had the word out so they rang us and we were re-united 30 very anxious hours later.

The reason for this story - other than a storm message and a reminder to beef up my security - is that if Claude had been wearing his collar with his name and my phone number on, he would have been back home in a couple of hours.

He now wears a collar 24/7 with his name embroidered on it (available at the clinic)!

Apart from helping a lost dog to be found, it is also a legal requirement that they are wearing a collar and ID.

Also, make sure your dog is microchipped.