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For many years now our experienced nurses at Hume Animal Hospital have been going out to schools, preschools, day cares & community groups to talk about safety around dogs.

Our program focuses on the importance of the partnership between animals & children. We spend time on explaining how to read a dogs behaviour & body language.  Emphasizing on the importance of the dangers of approaching an unfamiliar animal.

Our program is fun & gets the children involved. We recieve great feedback from educators, carers & children.

Our program is a valuable free service that allows children to be involved, gives them a greater understanding of our pets, pet responsibilities and the many roles that pet ownership can entail.

 Statistics show that our children are most at risk when it comes to dog attacks, so let’s help to educate them to lower these statistic

If you would like to book in for a pet education talk,  please call and  talk to one of our friendly reception staff  to arrange a time.





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