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A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected under your pet’s skin. It can be done during a normal consultation. The microchip is embedded with a code unique to your pet and is the most effective form of permanent identification. It is inexpensive and is a one-off cost and your pet is identified for life. There are no batteries in the chip and it does not give off any signal. Microchipping is now required by law and the majority of local councils will not register your pet until they have been microchipped. Fines do apply for unregistered pets.  
When your pet is microchipped, you are required to fill in forms with all your details, these details are the ones in which will be entered into a national data base on the internet - the more details the better. If a pet is lost & handed into a Vet clinic, animal shelter or pound a microchip scanner is passed over the animal to reveal the unique code. The code is then entered online & these details can be found straight away & you can be reunited with your beloved pet. Microchips can also assist where the ownership of an animal is in dispute.
One of the biggest problems the we encounter as Vets is owners not updating their details when their personal details change, such as change of address, change of ownership (especially from breeders) & change of phone numbers. This is very important information that can be updated easily by filling in a form in which we have in hospital or online directly with the database company or we can arrange with the microchip registries to change the details for you.
If your pet is not microchipped please give us a call to make an appointment to have one inserted.  If you find a lost pet please call us to arrange a scan; we can reunite microchipped pets with their worried owners.
We are now microchipping Dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles & ferrets. 



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