Equine Dentistry


Yes! We provide equine dentistry at both our Blackwood and Manjimup Veterinary Clinics. We believe every horse deserves the best in dental care.

Dental disease is painful, can impact your horse's performance and can be an underlying cause of some health and behavioural issues. Dental maintenance is essential to allow your horse to perform to the best of its ability. 

Dental health care can:

  • Prevent tooth loss.
  • Reduce feeding problems such as dropping of food while eating and cheek pouching.
  • Relieve mouth and jaw pain.
  • Prevent pain when using a bridle with a bit, making it more comfortable for your horse to work.
  • Address some poor condition and weight loss issues.
  • Extend the life expectancy of your horse.
  • Contribute to solving some behavioural issues.

Routine dentistry should not be painful. Horses can be given a mild sedation, which includes an analgesic. This will reduce stress on your horse and enables a thorough examination and treatment of your horses mouth. 

Equine dentals can be performed "in clinic" at our Manjimup Vet clinic as we have an undercover crush. We can also perform a dental on your horse at your property if required. 

We recommend a dental health check every 12months. Give our friendly staff a call to make a booking.