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Bo's Blog

                                                     Welcome to my very own blog!


My story starts in 2010 when a kind gentleman found me beneath his house after I had previously been playing with a deadly brown snake. He realised I was unwell and needed veterinary attention, and promptly transported me to the Mackay Veterinary Hospital. The animal doctor examined me and discovered I was paralysed, heavily pregnant and had no human to take care of me. The kind staff here took me in and a few days later with much assistance delivered 4 stillborn kittens.

It was pretty hard for me being paralysed but with the nurses expert care (where they served me up the finest of foods fit for a queen every 2 hours, along with massaging my muscles) I lay comfortably in my igloo. After 3 weeks I was able to lift my head and lay on my belly and another 2 weeks before I could sit by myself without any human help.

My carers would carry me around in my igloo until I decided that I would like to try walking myself. Once I could walk there was no stopping me. I was in under cages and all over my new palace.

These days you may see me sleeping on my sun lounger or keeping my staff in line at reception.

Since I am such a star around the place and after months of asking for some more spotlight Dr Bill has given me my very own blog! Its only taken 3 years! I can now keep you all up-to-date with what is happening around my clinic. How cool is that? I get to meet loads of kittens that the staff think I should be friends with...I soon put them in their place, and also plenty of pooches that I prefer to have as my slaves.

Well Bye for now, hope to see you all around here soon. Queen Bo xx


Good morning my internet minions

I know it has been far too long since i graced you all with my presence but it's just been so busy here at mackay vet hospital.

We have some new addition to the team here mackay vet hospital, but it has taken no time at all for them to fall for my charm! Our newest vet nurse likes to think she is the boss in our relationship by smothering me all day patting me until i can bare no more. I tolerate her though because i am on this outrageous diet (even though my physique is impecable) and she sneaks me some of the adoption kittens kibble on the sly.

I have a whole room in the clinic that i call my own!I spend all my free time there, dozing on the lounge and watching birds through the window. Every week though, these pesky humans come into my domain to have naps on my lounge and have meetings with cake! (They do not share any of this cake by the way)- Sometimes i just have to escape!


 Well i must be off... these humans can't run the place without my guidence! talk to you soon.

Love Queen Bo xx