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COVID-19 Pandemic Response from KVH

We care deeply about our team, their families and the wider community. We aim to comply with social distancing recommendations, and for this reason we have changed up a few things. Your visit to our clinic looks a little different, but our hearts and our doors are still open.

What has changed?

  • We are open 6 days per week! Covid has thrown so many curveballs and we are seeing an unprecedented amount of patients. Sundays are reserved to allow our team to rest and recuperate. 
  • Our waiting room can accomodate 4 clients and our reception team, so come on in if safe to do so.
  • When Dan says its OK, we will re-open our hydrobath. 
  • We have a fantastic and popular ZOOM Puppy Class! Email to get in touch with Kate and Jade and book your spot.
  • We can do a quick nail trim, though we might not be as flexible with times as we used to be.
  • Due to the size of our consultation rooms, we can accomodate you, your pet and your vet. There's no need for contact free consults, unless that is your preference. Just speak to our team when booking if you would rather wait outside.

 What does your vet visit look like now?

  • Pretty much the same, but we you need to imagine us smiling behind our masks.
  • When you arrive please remain in your car and call us on  9584 7500 You may not get through straight away. Please keep trying!
  • Please only bring you and your pet to the appointment. If this is impossible, or if you would prefer to wait outside you can remain in your car and our team will collect your pet.  Your vet will call you to discuss your pets condition during the examination. Our nurses will then return your pet to the car.

What can you do to help?

  • Please phone ahead for medication and food orders. Be willing and ready to make payment over the phone. We can then bring your items to your car when you arrive.
  • Please be patient with our team. We have only four phone lines and often twice that amount of people needing to contact us at any one time.

Here is some useful information!

Can my pet spread the Coronavirus? – Australian Veterinary Association:
WSAVA – World Small Animal Veterinary Association: ;